Dermabrasion Can Transform The Appearance Of Your Skin

If something about your appearance bothers you, there's probably a cosmetic surgery or treatment that can help. Whether you want to remove signs of aging from your skin, or get your body back in shape after pregnancy, a cosmetic surgeon can lift, tuck, and reshape your body in different ways. One common type of cosmetic surgery is dermabrasion. It is used on the skin to remove scars, small growths, and even wrinkles. It can be done on any part of the body, but the face is one of the most popular areas to have dermabrasion. Here's how this procedure can help the appearance of your skin and how it's done.

How Dermabrasion Improves Skin Appearance

Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that removes the top layers of your skin. This is done with a wire brush or wheel that rotates rapidly and basically sands off the surface of your skin. The procedure can be confined to a small area to remove an acne scar or it can be done over a larger area of your face to remove shallow wrinkles. The procedure isn't as effective on deep wrinkles since it only removes the surface layers of skin. Dermabrasion works because it damages the skin and triggers it into growing new skin that creates a new surface free from scars and fine wrinkles.

How Dermabrasion Is Done

The specifics vary according to how large of an area is treated. If you're having an extensive procedure, it may be done under general anesthesia. It's even possible that you'll need an overnight stay in the hospital. However, many times the surgery is performed as an outpatient with the use of local anesthesia and IV sedation. Once your skin is numb, ice is applied, or a freezing agent is used, to make your skin firmer for the treatment. A small area is worked on at a time until the surgery is complete. The area is covered with bandages to stop the bleeding and to protect it while it heals. There will be swelling afterward, and you may be advised to keep wet bandages on the area or apply ointment frequently to reduce scab formation. New skin will grow in quickly and it will have a pink tint that gradually turns the color of the rest of your skin in the coming weeks and months. It will take several weeks to see the final results of the procedure since you need to allow time for swelling to go down, the scabs to disappear, and for the pinkness to go away.

Dermabrasion results give your skin a new appearance, especially if you have scars removed. However, it doesn't stop the aging process. Your skin can still be damaged by sun exposure and form new wrinkles as you age. Once you've healed from dermabrasion, you'll want to care for your skin to slow down wrinkles and sagging. Also, protecting your skin from the sun is a good practice to follow during recovery and after.