Crystal Bed Healing: Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your First Session

Crystal bed healing is a new approach to natural and spiritual healthcare. Leaning heavily on the seven rainbow-colored crystals associated with the chakra, your total self is expected to heal and restore under the quiet calm of the session. Here is more about this new method and things you can do to prepare for your first session.

Crystal Bed (or Bath) Healing

In each of your crystal bed (bath) sessions, you lay supine (on your back) on a massage table. A line of chakra-healing crystals hang from the ceiling. The crystals are cut to access their maximum healing frequencies, and you are supposed to lay on the table such that each of your body centers (chakras) is right underneath the corresponding colored crystal. The idea is that the crystals drip their energy down to you, over you, and through you and focus on your chakras to align them and heal them.  Crystal bed healing is sometimes referred to as crystal bath healing because you are bathed in the healing power of the crystals. 

Getting Ready for Your First Session

It may seem strange at first, but this New Age method of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing can be quite relaxing. Before you begin your first session, don something very loose and comfortable. Many people like wearing kurtas or tunics as they are free-flowing and not restrictive. If you also want to wear pants, free-flowing elasticized waist pants are acceptable.

Before you enter the room where the crystal bed/bath is, focus on all of the things you want most to change about yourself or things you want to let go. Focus on healing the physical aspects of yourself that are ill or need help. Some healers in these places suggest prayer and meditation for several minutes before you enter the room with the bed/bath. When you have reached a calm "open" state, you can enter the room and lay down as instructed on the massage bed.

Finally, choose a position that is comfortable enough to keep for at least thirty minutes. Most beginning sessions are about this long, although the experience may be shorter or longer for you. No one touches you while you are receiving treatment, except to place a cloth over your eyes. From here, you simply listen to soft music while the lights that illuminate the crystals pulsate and work to relieve all of your worries, cares, and physical ailments.

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