Using New Technologies For Upgrading Broken Dentures

If you have broken dentures, you can use this problem as an opportunity to improve your teeth functionality. There are a number of options out there now for denture implants that you could use to improve your current denture situation if it keeps breaking or if it's uncomfortable.

4-Implant Denture Approach

This new technique uses four implants in your jaw to make for a strong support for a denture bridge that's made from a prosthetic. Broken dentures can be replaced with full implants using this technique. That way, you'll regain full functionality and aesthetic appearance. The idea is to use accessible bones in your jaw as a means of anchoring the implants.

As a result, this approach will make it less likely that your dentures will break in many cases, because of the fact that everything is connected to a strong foundation in your jawbone. There are fewer weak points, in other words.

3-D Printed Dentures

Another solid approach is to use a 3D printer and a 3D scanner in order to get what you want for dentures. This can be done both with repairing dentures that you need repaired now, and creating upgrades if you can't take out dentures that are broken badly enough in order to replace them with something else down the line.

In order for all of this to work, you have to end up using a 3D scanner though, in order to get the maximum benefit out of it. The problem with the way that old dentures were often made is that the dentists who were making them didn't have a perfect view of your mouth since they had to use outdated technology in order to paint a picture of what sort of denture work you needed.

However, with current scanning technology, new dentures can be created in a 3D printer based on 3D models. You don't have to wait a long time for repairs or replacements either like you did in the old days. The scanner will also make the dentures more accurate since it will have a full picture of your mouth.

These scanners can often predict potential issues in the future and correct for them, such as how your mouth may change overtime or other potential problems. If the dentures need to be replaced or repaired, dentist offices that have these printers right in their office can additionally provide you with a quick fix.

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